Happy Birthday, Demi Moore: Show your ageless beauty

Demi Moore turns 49 today, and while she might have the best birthday this year (thank you very much, Ashton), we expect this photographic evidence of the eternal which is maintained cheer her up. Demi has always been known for its beauty, but who looks better than her daughter, 23 years? And who can forget the scene from the beach of Charlie's Angels? Demi stands today as much as it did back in the fire of San Telmo. So happy birthday 11/11/11, Demi! Check out 11 photos of your hot car below.
Demi Moore-151Demi Moore-151
Demi Moore-152Demi Moore-152
Demi Moore-153Demi Moore-153
Demi Moore-154Demi Moore-154
Demi Moore-155Demi Moore-155
Demi Moore-156Demi Moore-156
Demi Moore-157Demi Moore-157
Demi Moore-158Demi Moore-158
Demi Moore-159Demi Moore-159
Demi Moore-160Demi Moore-160
Demi Moore-161Demi Moore-161
Demi Moore-162Demi Moore-162
Demi Moore-163Demi Moore-163
Demi Moore-164Demi Moore-164
Demi Moore-165Demi Moore-165
Demi Moore-166Demi Moore-166
Demi Moore-167Demi Moore-167
Demi Moore-168Demi Moore-168
Demi Moore-169Demi Moore-169
Demi Moore-170Demi Moore-170
Demi Moore-171Demi Moore-171
Demi Moore-172Demi Moore-172
Demi Moore-173Demi Moore-173
Demi Moore-174Demi Moore-174
Demi Moore-175Demi Moore-175
Demi Moore-176Demi Moore-176
Demi Moore-177Demi Moore-177
Demi Moore-178Demi Moore-178
Demi Moore-179Demi Moore-179