Demi Moore is a new best friend, while Ashton Kutcher is involved in another scandal

What better way to overcome "the evils of marriage" is rumored to be a monkey by his side, huh?
Demi Moore has had a tough time recently with all these rumors making the rounds Ashton Kutcher and his weight plummet dramatically, apparently as a result of stress.

But today is your 49th birthday and, by the looks of things, not leaving anything to lower it - not even the most recent scandal of Ashton.

Demi posted a blink of itself and a monkey on Twitter last night, telling fans: "My birthday began with a bang and a serious monkey business, pursemonkey can never be the same."

We have no idea what pursemonkey "means (let us know, please), but the actress seems to be putting a good face for her big day.

Unfortunately for Ashton, things seem to be getting me tense in the 'Camp Kutcher, Twitter after complaining about something controversial dismissal of a U.S. football coach which is currently in the child abuse scandal.

He later apologized for taking part and said he did not know all the facts before taking on his Twitter page to say that they hand over control of @ aplusk to its management team.

He said: "Until today, I posted virtually every one of my tweets on my own, but it is clear that the platform has become too large to be handled by one person ... Then I will stop to Twitter find a way to properly manage this source. I feel very sorry for this mistake. not happen again. "

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A few hours later, he published: "I'm just trying to be a good person."