As Pippa romance gets in trouble.

Singles sport, right at hand: the lovely Pippa Middleton is reported to be back on the market.

It is unlikely to stay there for long. The Duchess of Cambridge foxy younger sister was the world's most sought after women, even when she had a boyfriend.

The singer Justin Timberlake, who has dated Hollywood stars like Cameron Diaz admits that drooling over her.

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"We American men love Pippa ... I'm going to sound like a sleazeball! Told Esquire magazine. Websites and blogs, some with unprintable names, are dedicated to their clothing, the figure lively and vigorous exercise regime. And just to raise the temperature even more, press reports suggest that it has separated from her boyfriend, the handsome, square-jawed, cricket lover Alex Loudon, "after a hot discussion at a wedding.

Pippa says he left Eton at the age of 31 after a series of rows. Now they are "just talking.

Friends of the couple have confirmed that the mail that, in fact, have a 'hot and very public argument at the wedding of the antiquity of the University of Edinburgh Pippa friend Humphrey Bowles in Whitby, North Yorkshire, in September.

'Pippa had been on the dance floor without Alex all night and did not seem happy. Clearly be heard arguing vehemently, "says a source.

However, members of the social circle of Pippa said last night that the division must be very recent since most of them were aware of it.

Yet there may be a reconciliation (perhaps over the Christmas holidays socially complex). But the feeling among a whole seems to be no long-term future for the pair.

Oh, dear. Not long ago, Loudon was said at the edge of the proposal and the hunt for an engagement ring on the sly.

William and Kate Middleton and parents are known to approve solid, good financial, and everything was rosy for the nearly married.

Pippa was presented with the keys to his apartment in Parsons Green, southwest London, where he spent many nights away from their own platform in Chelsea. And she was a regular guest on his parents' stack beautiful Kent.
Much admired: Pippa with then boyfriend Alex Loudon at the wedding of friends Sutton and Harriet Thomas Colthurst in the picturesque town of Wilton in Wiltshire

Much admired: Pippa with then boyfriend Alex Loudon at the wedding of friends Sutton and Harriet Thomas Colthurst in the picturesque town of Wilton in Wiltshire

In September, Pippa turned 28 and celebrated his birthday at an Italian restaurant, low profile with only Alex and Cambridge. She is the right age, you might think, to accept a proposal. So what happened?

It seems that Alex - who comes from the species of the family of English nobility who try to avoid it in the newspapers, apart from their births, marriages and deaths - struggled with the sudden and unexpected fame Pippa.

Apart from a brush with publicity thanks to a brief stint with the England cricket team, Alex is content to live a privileged and anonymous the upper classes.

However, in April, his girlfriend went from being a very Sloane your Hotness Royal Berkshire, the rear silk dresses admired by billions worldwide.

And not for the first time in the history of love, the relationship could not take the change of state.

There was a brief split in June (later denied), when Pippa was photographed a lot in mini-breaks with his good friend George Percy, the future Duke of Northumberland.

But though it was tempting to speculate about Middleton's parents have daughters "double duchess, Pippa soon reunited with Alex and it seemed that the marriage could be on the cards.

But after the meeting, when they were photographed together, Loudon seemed terribly uncomfortable in the spotlight. Unlike Pippa or, in the case of Percy. Pippa and Alex are good in the 'area of ​​the wedding "- the time between the ages of 28 and 32 when the public schools and college types should spend most of their weekends on a wedding night bachelor parties.

Usually played between the flood of champagne and flirtation fuel, the issue of marriage tends to be pushed to the forefront of the minds of the couple as they turn to one wedding after another ( Kate and Wills as it did in the months prior to participation).

Recitals unrelenting standards Wedding Sonnet 116 ("Let me not to the union of true minds ... ') and 1 Corinthians (" Love is patient and kind ...') made a dent in Pippa and Alex .

They had that huge row (item not recorded) at the wedding of Whitby. Could the subtext be that Alex was interested in marriage, but Pippa was not so sure?

You can see the emotional dynamics of these images cheerful Pippa a couple of weeks ago in her low-cut red dress held up by the children of actor Charlie party "Sharky" Astor Boodles Boxing Ball in London.

A man already uncomfortable with the world to meet the convenience of your girlfriend might be forgiven for feeling irritated by the photos. Another well-educated, high-Old Eton your lifting with such enthusiasm? A man less than Loudon might have had the temptation to reward "Sharky" with a black eye.

Then there was the fact that William and Kate are now enjoying the happiness of newlyweds in Anglesey and Kensington - that just goes out every night - and Prince Harry is flying helicopters and drinking in Arizona, Pippa has become absolutely "that" among the social set, who gather around the young royal.

"On any given night in Chelsea, find Pippa high society dinner with Astrid Harbord, Arabella Musgrave and the other girls of the real inner circle," says a member of that scene.

After revealing red dress, Pippa wore a more hidden (though still very tight and fetching) to your last trip public, the charity event too many women in Petersham Nurseries near Richmond upon Thames.

No, Pippa dancing with her friend Katie Readman (who works for the Issa label design favored by Kate) and sat next to Carphone Warehouse founder David Ross, who has a long-term girlfriend and knows the Middleton holiday in Mustique.
Style: Pippa in Temperley fashion show in September during Fashion Week in London

Style: Pippa in Temperley fashion show in September during Fashion Week in London

So Pippa is socially fever - but what's next?

Although still juggles working for their parents, company party parts with his work in Table Talk, catering companies in London, there were rumors of the last of a deal for a book of Pippa to write a guide party planning.

How to get my figure could have sold more, but you can see that a Party Pieces tie publication is a more secure and makes sense.

We expect a lot of happy imaginative suggestions about how to turn your kitchen into a faux forest with a few banana cakes. She can, of course, expect a breakthrough.

As for men, if you do embark in 2012 as a single girl, you probably want to follow the example of his sister and not let marriage be too late.

Timberlake, Daniel Radcliffe, singer Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and others who have publicly expressed their admiration can dream - Pippa is likely to choose her future husband in a small circle of security within the court. should be well connected, rich, anti-drugs, conservative, interested in the country, but presentable at Chelsea.

Blue blood combined with entrepreneurial streak - something that is fashionable and style of Middleton - would be nice, as would a love for sports, especially tennis, skiing and triathlon.

A past jokes and pranks involving university - wrapped in loo roll and downing vodka bottle, for example - is fine, but any kind of brush with the law involving illegal substances is not.

It would be easier for all concerned, if the suitor was of the royal court as a future king and his brother-in-law will be a daunting choice for many.

The last time Alex Loudon gone, George Percy valiantly to the role of the escort of Hotness.

The future Duke of Northumberland - Pippa's roommate at the University of Edinburgh and now an energy entrepreneur - with the brunette forward Bucklebury rowed around a lake in Madrid and took her to tennis at Queen's Club in London .

He says his friends that the chemistry is not there, but it could be a cover story.

Her other roommates Edinburgh, 'Ted' Lord Innes-Ker, a golfer and the son of the Duke, is promising one.

Otherwise, a friend of William Thomas Van Straubenzee, who works for a real intelligent agent, or the handsome, smiling William Van Cutsem, a property appraiser and businessman, whose father is an old friend of Prince Charles.

Then, of course, is not the kind Boodles Ball danced with her, Astor "Sharky" Charlie, which is half of the children artists Sharky and George. That can not be a career choice for life, but for a girl who is rumored to be about to get a preview of a million pounds for writing about children's parties, which could be useful. It is an Astor.

Options include racier banking heir James Rothschild - even though you are watching Paris Hilton's sister Nicky - and Arthur Landon, heir to the "White Sultan", the British military commander who once organized a coup in Oman.

Arthur has a fortune of £ 200 million and the actual connections, but he also has a girlfriend.

Other men it would be convenient, but are taken today include Richard Branson's handsome son, Sam and brewing heir James Tollemache.

It should conduct its relations with the marriage, which could be good options for Pippa. "I know some people are only Pippa," says one girl.

Whatever your choice, for now, the Chelsea / Clarence House real bind together around and comforting to dinner with masses of attention.

Alex Loudon well intentioned continue to forge a career in the city is quiet and Pippa enjoying social life, blossoming and try to find ways to enjoy their growing fame, without being accused of stupidity.

After all, is full of gifts for everyone from the fashion houses to major sporting events. Of course, you have to be careful about what she accepts, but as showing possible arrangement book profits will be there for her.