Friends of Demi Moore star in health

Rumors have been circulating about the relationship of Demi Moore with husband Ashton Kutcher since Sarah Leal came forward, claiming she and Kutcher had an affair. Moore, who has kept quiet about it, now seems to be showing the effects of the stressful situation and has his fans and friends concerned.

MSN reports that Moore, Moore, who celebrates his 49th birthday on Friday, has been looking particularly thin and fragile. "It's annoying and has not been eating. It's taking a toll," revealed a close friend of Moore.

Despite making public appearances, Moore has been looking tired, stressed and fragile. Moore's Twitter feed, however, has shown his frustration or stress. Even a picture stupid Twitter it with a monkey, saying: "My birthday began with a bang and some monkeys a serious business, pursemonkey can never be the same.

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