Demi Moore is still carrying

Demi Moore has a new project to distract the media sh * t storm that has had to endure this fall. Moore stars in the dark drama, another happy day with Thomas Haden Church, Ellen Barkin and Ellen Burstyn as the second wife of a man (the Church) in constant conflict with his ex-wife (played by Barkin).

411 Moore told Fox Pop Tarts that the war in the family film is familiar to all. "That was very interesting, unwanted pain and pain can have on a family ... and the need to be heard," said Moore, who was seen without her wedding ring in Beverly Hills yesterday with an energy drink (November 10), he explained.

PHOTO: Demi Moore appears in a bikini tiny superhot

He added: "We as humans have a tendency, when we are hurting, we want to blame. However, when we blame our power we deliver. Is well illustrated (in the film) without being discussed or judged. Everyone wants permission for your pain, and they feel that their pain has been denied. "

In perhaps the most telling quote from that news of the alleged affair her husband Ashton Kutcher to the surface, Moore said the site, "I might feel comfortable being in the black or white, yes or no, but the truth is that all live in the gray. We are all victims and we are all victims. "

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