Demi Moore: Do not live in black or white, we all live in the gray

Demi Moore has not directly addressed the rumors surrounding his alleged infidelities continuous and husband Ashton Kutcher, but the actress spoke about the complications of marriage in an interview to promote his new film.

Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher visit at work, shoots' Two and a Half Men, "says report
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Ashton Kutcher alleged lover speaks in the video interview

In "Another happy day," Moore took on the role of a short-fused second wife who is forced to deal with (Thomas Haden Church), her husband, Lynn's ex-wife (Ellen Barkin), when one of his sons marries. The drama of a dysfunctional family is becoming more intense, as the case continues.

"That was very interesting, unwanted pain and pain can have on a family ... and the need to be heard," Moore told Fox News. "We as humans have a tendency, when we are hurting, we want the blame. But when we blame we give our power away. It is very well illustrated (in the film) without being discussed or judged. Everyone wants to permission for their pain, and who feel that their pain has been denied. "

Moore also insisted that nothing is as simple as that, perhaps echoing the complications in his personal life.

"It may be that you feel comfortable being in the black or white, yes or no, but the truth is we all live in the gray," he continued. "We've all been victims, and we've all been victims."

Moore turned 49 years on Friday, and the tabloids took a break from commenting on alleged marriage woes instead of their "fragile" figure.

Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher recently visited her husband while he shot scenes of the CBS series "Two and a Half Men", weeks after rumors emerged trap and rupture.

Kutcher, 33, and Moore has not spoken about the state of his six years of marriage directly, but cryptic messages have been posted online. Last week, Kutcher had an online video criticized the media and how "people can bastardize the truth." He appeared in the clip without her wedding ring.

In mid-October, a 22-year-old child named Sara Leal told Us Weekly in a video interview that she and Kutcher had a single night. She said he had told him when he was "separated" and added that his life "has been a disaster," since the incident.

Kutcher and Moore have appeared in public on several occasions from deception and rumors of separation arose in September, although they would have spent their anniversary apart from attending various promotional events. Who recently visited a Kabbalah center in Los Angeles, where he attended a private meeting, and they also saw a camping retreat Ka

"Another Happy Day" opens in limited release on November 11. Watch a trailer below.