Pippa Middleton is separated from Alex Loudon, perhaps forever

Following the break, Middleton is said to have approached his sister and Prince William for comfort last night. Middleton also apparently spent the weekend with the royal couple at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

It is unclear exactly what caused the split after three years. Some friends say Loudon never felt comfortable with the status of Middleton as a sex symbol and the setting of the tabloids, after his title-making, turn a figure-hugging dress at her sister's wedding in April. However, a source told The Sun that Prince Harry was in the thick of the disappearance of the couple. "He said after the wedding that Alex was jealous of Pippa flirting with Prince Harry," the source said. "But the truth is that she and Harry are just friends."

In short break this summer and Loudon Middleton, Middleton was spotted with her ex, George Percy, at a dinner in London and then in a Wimbledon tennis match. However, the pair reconnected and, last month, was photographed kissing outside the ball Boodles Boxing beginning at 4:30 amwhile waiting for a taxi.

Only a few weeks ago, it was reported that Loudon had asked a friend to help you buy an engagement ring and had his eye on a sparkler Diane von Furstenberg blingy Middleton. A source told The Sun at the time, "Alex knows that if you are not asked before losing. It is an ideal choice for Pippa."

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