Pippa Middleton has been recently single but not ready to mix with Prince Harry

Everyone's favorite hot younger sister Pippa Middleton is back on the market! She has broken up with her old boyfriend Alex Loudon, and though they have separated before, now is apparently due realsies. Looks like there's trouble in paradise real brother for a while. Several months ago, Alex and Pippa got in a fight in front of the other guests at the wedding of a friend and caused a stir. A very interesting rumor also was that Alex was jealous because Pippa flirted with Prince Harry. Ooh, Pippa!

Unfortunately, according to one source, "The truth is that she and Harry are just [friends]." Okay, but we're, like, 110% sure about that? Or they could be secretly in love but are too afraid to admit even to themselves? Oh, please Plee let them become more than friends! If the two met would create a Real-Celebrity Tabloid-wedding-shit storm of epic proportions that might be enough to drown them all in a wave of our own cries and tears.

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