Save a girl

Let's save a little girl and oppose the genocide that is taking place in society. Feticide is the most cowardly of violence against women. Since the technology for sex determination first came into being, selective abortion has unleashed a saga of horror in India. In fact, nature intended the womb to be a safe space for the care and cleaning of the fetus before the child could be born. But today, doctors have made the area safer for the child, unleashing the terror of feticide. Today a child is several times more likely to be eliminated before birth in India who die from various causes in the first year of its existence.

Save a child: Sex determination and sex selection

Although fetal sex determination and sexual selection is a crime in India, the practice is widespread. Private clinics with ultrasound machines and other new technologies are making it their business. Everywhere people are paying to know the sex of an unborn child and paying more to abort the child. The technology has reached remote areas of the country through services such as mobile clinics. People are getting sex determination done even for the first child.

Save a child: the historical connection and general discrimination against girls

Back when technology was not available for sex of the fetus, the girl who used to be killed by putting a bag of sand in the face and choking her or some poison used to be applied on the breasts of the mother. The irony is that neither mothers nor their family members to express any kind of pain the death of the daughters of her baby. Now the scenario has changed. With the help of new technologies is easier to detect the sex of the fetus. So the practice of female infanticide has been replaced by female feticide.

Save a child: Discrimination against girls and women

Feticide and infanticide are not the only issue with a girl in India. In fact, in all stages of life that is discriminated against and abandoned basic nutrition, education and living standards. When she is in the womb, which is removed before it can enter the world. If by chance you take birth after birth when their families to pull it back and twisted his neck and after killing it, is thrown into a trash can. If she is lucky to survive the feticide and infanticide early childhood course is only one punishment for her brother getting all the attention with new shoes, clothes and books to learn while it enjoys a broom, a cleaner and a lot of tears. In his teens, he misses nutritious food to eat and gets only the crumbs left. During the age when they should be in college who was quick to "marry" that lead to conditions where it is always dependent on others for survival. She has no social or economic independence. In addition to his illiteracy, lack of education results in early and unwanted pregnancies, high fertility rate. This further aggravates the general state of women in the country. Again, if this female gives birth to a girl, the whole trip cycle of murder and discrimination begins again.

Save a child: The guilt of the medical profession

According to some industry studies of ultrasound and ultrasound for sex selection and female feticide is around 500 million rupees in India and it runs through small clinics, midwives, doctors registered and large hospitals. Abortions carried out by very secret and often become the reason for the death of many women. Many doctors are involved in this widespread malpractice make easy money. In fact, a very profitable business. The machines have become cheaper, so even a new medical graduate can quickly create a business. It may be illegal, but it's very rare that anyone in India to prevent malpractice medical ethics board.

Save a child: responsibility and accountability of the medical profession

It is time now doctors are responsible and accountable. In fact they are the ones who had vigorously promoted the misuse of technology and legitimized feticide. They created a weapon of mass destruction. Worst of the worst some doctors feel they are doing a great social service and I am happy to offer this service to parents desperate for a son in the belief that they are preventing the birth of an unwanted child.

Save a child: the oblique form of sex determination

Today, when the laws are becoming more stringent method to reveal the sex is increasingly oblique. Now either the doctor to hand candy pink to blue or family members to leave or make a comment during the discussion by saying something like: "Your son will be a fighter" or "The baby is like a doll." It is an obvious fact that since the implementation of legislation has taken place, the business has gone underground. Proof of this is the increasing number of feticide in the country, especially in northern India.

Save a child: under the table of rates for sex determination

Now doctors expect sex revealing a rate below the table for violating the law, ranging from a few hundred rupees in the poorest areas of several thousand in the most prosperous regions. The simple truth is that the medical community has not been sufficiently regulated in India and there is no sufficient impediment, or knowledge, even among the medical community that can avoid these bad practices are carried out in the first instance.

Save a child: The real problem in terms of numbers

Consider now the numbers speak the truth for themselves. According to the latest official census figures, India, with its relationship to national level for 1 933 women. 000 men had a deficit of 35 million women to enter the new millennium. Experts call it "healthy barbarism." UN figures say that around 750,000 girls are aborted every year in India. It's like genocide. "More than 6 million dead in 20 years which is the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust."

Save a child: Abortion of a fetus billion a year

Demographic trends indicate India is fast towards a million female fetuses aborted each year. In India, if the census of 1991 showed that the two districts had a sexual relationship with children (the number of girls per thousand boys) less than 850, for 2001 was 51 districts. The irony is that the nation of the goddess named and mothers remains a culture where people idolizes childbirth and mourn the birth of daughters.

Save a child: Income levels directly proportional to sex selective abortion

Ironically, while income levels are rising, sex determination and sex selection is increasing throughout India. The pockets of the most influential and rich people have the worst sex. Take, for example, Punjab - 793 girls per 1,000 boys against the national figure of 927. Or South Delhi - one of the most prosperous in the capital - 760. In many regions of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, the sex ratio of girls per 1000 children was only 745 or 754 or 779, respectively. Based on the number of births in Delhi every year and the sex ratio in the capital - 814 girls per 1,000 boys about 24,000 female fetuses are aborted each year in the capital, and about a million nationwide.

Save a child: Warning of unexpected social problems in the near future

Abortion rates are increasing by nearly 80% of the states of India and especially in Punjab and Haryana. These two states have the highest number of abortions each year. UNICEF has warned that unless steps are taken to address the problem across the country, India will soon face unexpected social problems as men unable to find brides, gaps in the workforce and increased traffic women.

Save a child: Responding to the ethical questions

The other side of the coin is the subject matter of regulating the right of women to abortion inevitably raise delicate ethical issues, but by an opponent, as India is not an issue pro-abortion or pro-life. "Equality is a fundamental right," but where is the equality when a million girl fetuses are destroyed every year before the birth itself. Therefore, we must understand that our situation is really alarming and extraordinary and prevent this discrimination takes precedence over arguments about women's reproductive rights.
Save a child: the taboo around sex selective abortion
One of the problems is that despite the prevalence of the phenomenon terrible and inhuman, the decision to abort a female fetus is still a taboo, and it is difficult to persuade women to talk about it. If women become part of the problem, then how can we think about finding a solution?

Save a child: Misuse of technology

The social evil of discrimination and marginalization of women and the murder of girls is, ironically, deeply rooted in Indian philosophy and the most striking fact is that high final drive innovative technologies and have assisted in the brutal murder of indigenous girls. Previously infanticide. It is now easier with the technology feticide in the end help. Innovative techniques, such as biopsy, ultrasound tests and amniocentesis, designed to detect genetic abnormalities, are very bad for the number of families to detect the sex of the unborn child. These clinical trials are contributing to the increase in the genocide of the unborn child.

Save a child: Technology as the devil

In patriarchal States like Rajasthan where infanticide has existed for centuries, this new technology has many takers as it is easy and secret. There are questions to be answered much less when to abort a child instead of killing a girl. Today, people claim openly that are modern and do not discriminate between a girl and a boy. But when the real situation is presented, feel free to go quietly to the next village and get an ultrasound or even abort the child. Here technology has become rampant beast and the devil and angel.

Save a child: issues and associated

Apart from the mass murder of the girl "feticide" is also one of the most common causes of maternal mortality. Law allows the sex of the fetus can be determined only at around 14-16 weeks. Because most of this part of sex-selective abortions are provided late and this leads to a very high chance of maternal mortality. Either way the woman suffers.

Save a child: feticide a symptom of a larger problem

We must understand the fact that feticide is actually a symptom of bigger problem and broader related to marginalization and discrimination against women through a variety of social prejudices, cultural and economic practices. Feticide is related to topics such as privatization of medical education and dowry. For example, a state of Karnataka in India with the largest number of private medical colleges. Here's health has become a commodity without adequate regulation and control that leads to terrible consequences such as illegal abortions and feticide.

Save a child: wealthy farmers and feticide

Another phenomenon is ironic that whenever the green agricultural revolution has happened with the consequent increase in income among farmers, feticide has increased. The connection is simple. With more land and wealth inheritance dowry has increased and thus the birth of a daughter is considered an economic burden. Today, people do not even want their daughters to study higher as the groom a good education is likely to demand more dowry.

Save a child: male child selection in nuclear families

Even the creation of small nuclear families and have come at the expense of the child. Parents are opting for a child are more likely to go for a boy and a girl.

Save a child: Vs demand. Supply of debate

Another issue that has been presented by the medical community to absolve his own guilt in this bad practice is any demand and supply of debate. Doctors say there is a social demand and that is only true. They argue that social attitudes must change. However, they are ignoring the fact that in this case the fuel supply and demand. The easier the technology is available the more likely is the possibility of abortion and infanticide.

Save a child: stricter regulation and control

There is no other choice but to tighter regulation and control "technology and medical practice," as technology in the hands of greedy, vested interests can not be neutral. There is a law to prevent the misuse of technology and should be applied with force. On the other hand the solution to curb the increase feticide can only work through advocacy and empowerment of women in general in all respects.

Save a child: The need for female youth icons and role models

Participation of women in the workforce, with disposable income and its making a contribution to the wider society to make a difference in how women are in society. Young female icons and role models are definitely having an impact in changing the overall perception of the society that has so far been very discriminatory.
Save a child: the laws against violence and discrimination against women
Other issues that are attached to general discrimination and marginalization of women include the laws on violence against women such as dowry, domestic violence, rape that are directly in control of a police force largely inefficient and corrupt, which is actually biased against women with the colonial hangover and the resulting approach to things. In any case of violence and discrimination against women all the responsibility and burden of the box always gets the women involved.

Save a child: Urgent need for police reforms

It is time that the police reforms take place and the country gets a modern police force that is more sensitive to the problems of society instead of the current there to please the whims and fancies of their political masters . Today, despite the good laws and there are still hard criminals easily escape. Like many other laws of the country, the law that prevents sex determination and sex selection outputs, but enforcement is a big question mark.

Save a child: Myths that broke

Another myth that must be broken is that feticide between the illiterate and the underprivileged of society. A survey shows a 28.32% increase in the number of employed workers and women working in India in the last two decades. But at the same time, which is more embarrassing and ironic is that there is a further increase in the number of terminations of pregnancies or abortions of women working.

Save a child: Abortions for women working

The reasons for the performance of abortions on women who work are: they want a small family who want to better career prospects, but want to have a son, and do not want their daughters. Many of these women justify sex selection and abortions because they think if they deliver a child then they are considered within the family. Also, do not want their daughters to suffer the hardships a girl has to face. Besides who are unable to afford a dowry to the parents of a girl has to endure. "Since the maintenance of high levels of life has become so expensive, except for her?" say that modern mothers. These are the "serious" reasons these literate and modern women not giving birth to a girl. But they forget that their mothers had thought the same way, they too have suffered the same fate.

Save a child: The nightmare of consumer culture

Over the whole problem is just an extension of our consumer culture. If someone can afford to buy a Mercedes, they think they can afford to get a son too. If they can pay for an ultrasound, it is not necessary to have a daughter - that's the logic.

Save a little girl, has been overcome social practices and their consequences

Dowry is a big problem for the urban elite as the amount that people have to pay the dowry is amazing and ridiculous. For that is the cost of obscenely extravagant Indian weddings. Apart from the costs of dowry and marriage, there are other reasons why daughters are seen as less desirable, as is generally believed that the children take care of aging parents and daughters anyway to go to a different house and therefore not much use in the long run. Social and cultural contexts are negatively biased against women. After marriage, a woman traditionally lives with her husband's family, leaving their parents to be attended by a child, if any, in old age. Children bear the name and often the business, usually inherit the property and perform the last rites. All these contribute to a negative bias against girls, even before she takes birth.

Save a child: The idea that poverty leads to infanticide

From the above analysis we can see clearly that it is a mistake to think that this is a problem related to extreme poverty. It is very rampant in the families of middle and upper class. Female feticide is very high in Punjab and Haryana - some of the wealthiest states in the country. Even the money has not brought a change of attitude. In fact, more money has led to a worsening of the whole problem. The mindset remains - girls are not important, the girls are a burden, and children are most useful. With the new form of cultural life in India, where the rich people who want to spend their money on things, not the skills or the marriages of their daughters. Thus we see how social and cultural practices such as dowry and marriage extravagant, in fact, contribute to the global threat of abortion and female infanticide.

Save a child: the law against feticide and law enforcement

After nearly a decade of delays, the Prohibition of sex selection came into force in February 2003, to prevent the use of ultrasound examinations for sex determination. Any person, including pregnant women who seek help for sex selection could be sentenced to a term of three years in prison and a fine of 50,000 rupees or $ 1,200, whereas if any doctor is found guilty of this bad practice, may face suspension of their registration by the State Medical Board.

Save a child: A law passed in 2003

Preconception and prenatal diagnostic techniques (prohibition and sex selection), that entered into force on February 14, 2003, was as a replacement for prenatal diagnostic techniques (regulation and modification misuse) 2002, said that any type of sex selection before or after pregnancy is prohibited.

Save a child: Creation of the acts and laws are not sufficient to address the problem

But these facts do not seem to be casting much effect on the dark shadows of human actions. No case has reached the courts, and activists against the practice of prenatal sex determination complain that the legislation is unenforceable. The law is very well designed and the need of the hour is legal literacy to ensure the law is applied. Here, the role and competence of the agencies of law enforcement is a big question mark? Despite all the strict laws framed to curb female infanticide, the practice continues. The decline in sex ratio between boys and girls is a serious threat to the existence of a balanced social order in India.

Save a child: the awareness of society

There is a need to raise public awareness in India about testing for sex selection and gender of the impending crisis. It is necessary to defend society of greater equality. Raise awareness about the Law of Pre-Natal Diagnostics (PNDT), 1994, and its recent amendment passed by Parliament, which prohibits any form of sex selection tests is necessary.

Save a child: raising awareness in society

Society has to be sensitized about the sorry state of women in India society that sex selective abortion of the female fetus is a separate indicator of the growing incidence of violence and trafficking.

Save a child: Law Enforcement

The law must be strictly implemented and we need to increase compliance among maternity homes, nursing homes, clinics, ultrasound, radiologists for the registration of ultrasound machines under the PNDT Act. Medical community must be sensitized about the ethics of the medical profession and the role it should play in improving the population crisis and the sex ratio in the country. It is also time for a tighter regulation and more difficult of medical practice in India.

Save a child: Changing attitudes

There is a need to build a dialogue between stakeholders, and change the track between the generations, women across several generations. The achievements of successful women from different strata of society and from different walks of life it should be noted that changing the attitude of society against women.

Save a child: closing remarks

There needs to be widespread contempt and anger visible in society against the "genocide" against women. Today no one can say that female feticide is not a problem when more than a million girl fetuses are selectively destroyed each year in the country. It's time we all did our bit to help save the girl and the time is really running out for girls in India. The disastrous consequences of what is happening today will be felt in another 10-20 years time. Therefore, to avoid a terrible future the need of the hour to perform our responsibilities and make a stop to this evil crime of killing the baby in the womb itself. A determined drive can initiate a spark to ignite the lamp and show the world that really is the land of the great goddesses and mothers.