Hope for child

There can be no hope for girls in terms of a bright future if we can tackle one of the greatest challenges of human existence, namely the challenge of gender discrimination and prejudice. Only gender equality with total empowerment of women can ensure a secure future for the child. When women are healthy, educated and free to take the opportunities of life thrive. When women thrive on family life rather than flowers and flourishing families with assertive women responsible for ensuring a bright future for the child.

Hope for Girls: The need for strong and healthy women

Children are the future wealth of a nation can flourish and prosper only when women in the family and society are healthy, educated and independent as to make informed decisions about their lives. But the situation is far from ideal. Women face extreme hardship and marginalization due to gender discrimination and prejudice. Are subjected to many forms of violence and hardship. Most women in many parts of the world are weak and subject to a life that is totally dependent on others. She faces domestic violence, falls into the trap of sexual exploitation and faces the worst of harmful traditional practices such as early marriage, early pregnancy, female genital mutilation, etc. The negative consequences of this face the girl. The girls practice of feticide, infanticide, low enrollment in education, abuse and a life of misery and deprivation is what is on offer for girls when women are weak and not able to care for their children.

Hope for the child: Women's empowerment and family environment protection

So any optimism for the development of girls and progress depends on the total empowerment of women. Gender equality can guarantee the resurgence of strong women and strong, and in such circumstances, we see the real blossoming of the child. She fully authorized to share an equal relationship with their partner. This in turn will lead to positive reinforcement in which the child is properly cared for in a home environment safe and protective. We can see that the empowerment of women and girls is a mutually inclusive phenomenon where the development of women can lead to the development of the child and this in turn leads to greater empowerment and development of women. In fact, these positive cycles, once generated to perform continuously.

Hope for the girl: Elimination of Child Labour

Child labor is one of the main reasons why children do not go to school and lose their precious children. A girl more often falls into the clutches of child labor in their own home, in the sense that she gets into a condition in which the care of all chores from an early age. This limits any possibility of education. In many cases, girls are also forced to contribute to the main means of income for the family. So, whether you end up working as child labor outside the home or participate in running the household and becomes a hidden child labor. Elimination of child labor often requires innovative income generation ideas for parents who trust their children to earn income. Economic development, training and credit to help parents give children the freedom to enjoy their childhood and complete their education without exploitation. Elimination of child labor in any of the above forms is only possible if we can make the family unit economically viable and educate more to keep their girls in school.

Hope for the child: The role of government and other structures of society in the eradication of child labor

To make the family unit economically viable and provide a future for the child, social organizations, government agencies and other structures of society must work at ground level and provide facilities or pathways for gainful employment for parents. This can also include credit and finance micro-level facilities to launch small-scale enterprises locally. This type of facility so that parents can reduce child labor and ensure the completion of primary and secondary education of girls. Empower parents, especially mothers with skills to generate income by providing small business loans and access to markets for their products should be taken on a massive scale, so we can ensure that the work of young women. The education of parents, family and society is also required when clearly it has been reported that the girl should go to school and how education is important for the family and society. Parent education should also include further communication against the repressive customs, traditions and mentality of society that leads to discrimination against girls. There must also be provided some incentives to keep girls in school.

Hope for the child: supportive environment is a necessity

A family atmosphere difficult and less support is the main reason why young women do not go to school. High rates of illiteracy among women and lower rates of school attendance among girls, especially at the secondary level, constitute discrimination against girls. Unreasonable workload in the home, the preference for sons, a disregard for the rights of girls, early marriage, child labor, poverty, and the threat of violence prevents many young women completing their education and trap them and their families in cycles of poverty. The other major obstacle against a good home environment for girls are regressive gender beliefs, customs and traditions. In fact most children, men and women know that young women are overworked, but little is done to help girls in any way possible, or part of their workload. This is due to beliefs about gender and the role of a girl, and the economic situation of the family, society and nation as well. Here the need is to engage men and boys to create gender equality, encourage them to contribute to the work of household chores and to challenge gender roles and violence and traditions that are unfair and damaging.

Hope for the girl: Strengthening the family unit to remove girls' work

Empowering young women and the hope of the child in terms of a better future is only possible if we strengthen the family unit and provide a safe, home protection and care of the child. The family has to be economically viable. Once this happens, then we can liberate the young women of child labor that is put on. Furthermore, through parent education and training we can eliminate the regressive and repressive customs, traditions and mentality that make society biased against girls. These parent education and training programs must enter into details and discussion on all aspects of child development and child empowerment and nutritional requirements including health, education, recreation and leisure for the girl's sexual and reproductive rights and protection against sexual abuse. To keep girls in school can be planned incentives and financial support to realize the family should be linked to the criteria of the education of girls. The positive benefits of these programs can be seen as a change in the home environment where parents provide a safe and loving environment for girls to grow and flourish. That would be taken care in terms of its nutritional and health needs and will be sent to school with a progressive mindset. Also this will foster a safe environment where parents and elders to be vigilant against sexual gender or other abuse against girls, including violence. The girl who will grow up in a home environment that supports your needs in every way possible.

Specific measures required in the provision of a pleasant family atmosphere for young people includes the training of economically disadvantaged families to prevent worsening poverty and the negative consequences of child labor and exploitation, the provision of adequate health services and systems abuse prevention to protect children, educate all children, women and men on the rights of children, women's rights and human rights and their roles and responsibilities in the defense of these rights through prevention of violence and discrimination and gender equity in the construction of the home, community and nation.

Hope for Girls: The dangers of child institutions

We must be very clear on one fact that there is no substitute for a caring, safe and protective home is vital for girls to grow and prosper. The institutions of the young women run by the State or other structures of society can act as a temporary measure, but can never replace a home environment that gives real hope for a girl. These institutions can not provide the human touch that is very necessary for emotional and psychological growth of children. However, even as an interim solution, these institutions deserve attention, as they often are abuse and neglect. This is due to poor education and staff harmful attitudes that encourage girls in careers or education, many girls end up pregnant, married before or exploited in prostitution after leaving these institutions at the age of 15 years . End up in situations that are not good for the individual self or society. The staff of these institutions can not replace parents end up neglecting their charges in either intentional or unintentional. We have seen that girls never grow up in these institutions become strong and mature women who are self-empowered.

Hope for the child: The role of government in the handling of child institutions

The government and other agencies of the ideal society is to work with the goal of completely eliminating these institutions and integrate back orphaned in society. But for this society still have to answer again is liberal enough to provide a home for orphans. Meanwhile, we also serve well for staff and support system in child institutions to be gender sensitive. Any kind of discrimination and prejudice in these instructions should be treated vigorously. On the other hand the necessary training and education should be provided to staff of these organizations so they can create a climate that is less conducive to positive growth of the child.

Therefore the government's job is reduced in terms of improving the quality of these institutions during the work to be obsolete. To achieve this goal the government with the help of other supporting structures of society must begin to children in a safe home environment as soon as possible to support families, build gender equality, and teach parents a rights-based approach to parenthood and new parenting skills that will allow their daughters to be self-confidence and success. In addition to bringing real benefits for girls in terms of a positive future, the government should support the training of community activities for the prevention of abuse, including child protection committees, mentoring programs, providing day care for children of working parents and psychological, legal and social support to families and orphaned children.

Hope for the girls: Commercial exploitation of women

A family unit economically deceased becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of bad things happening to young women and can not offer any future for girls. Bad things are the horror of commercial exploitation of women. When a house does not maintain a secure environment, care and protection for the child, then we can see the havoc it can create the life of the child. The vested interests that exist in society use this weakness to their advantage and encourage girls in the sex trade and commercial exploitation through the sex trade. If we stop this problem, then work should start at family level. We need to make the family unit economically viable and that we must provide more training and education to parents in child rearing and care issues for girls. Commercial exploitation of young women, either through the sex trade or for any other type of work should be strictly prohibited and should be strong laws against them.

Hope for Girls: The choice of an alternative lifestyle

Young women who have fallen into the trap of commercial exploitation must be rescued and given the opportunity to start a new life in terms of education, nutrition and health. Women who are in the sex trade can persuade a normal life if they can provide a viable alternative that is economically attractive and brings back to life with dignity in society. All measures half at this level will not work and does not provide any hope for girls. Here we have to understand is the fact that prostitution of girls sexually exploited girls and trapped in cycles of poverty and abuse. Fundamentally, the basis for this exploitation is the unequal power and economic balance between a child and an adult male. Individuals, social organizations and government must work with women and children in the sex trade to alternative income options, increase awareness of the harms of the sex industry and educate their families and communities to protect and prevent children from entering and repeating the same cycle.

Hope for the girls: The needs of the child

The needs of the child's needs are physical, emotional realms, psychological and intellectual. She needs a home that is caring and providing love. It should be an environment that is safe and protective. Their physical needs are related to proper nutrition and medical care. More time for recreation and play develops physical education and makes her ready for a bright future. Each time the girl has been asked about their needs, has expressed his wish that more committed teachers, drinking water, parental involvement in their education, and treatment with the same respect as children in school. Actually what a young woman is asking for is a life of equality and dignity where he gets equal opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams in life. The government and other organs of society support should take the issue of adequate funding for initiatives to ensure the rights of girls, improved curricula, incentives for girls' education and ensure inclusive education free and compulsory education for all children. To provide a bright future for girls and governments should develop policies based on the Millennium Development Goals, the Dakar Framework for Action and the objectives of the United Nations Girls' Education Initiative gender parity in primary and secondary education .

Hope for the girls: the apathy of the state

The apathy of the state can be seen in the actions it has taken for the girl empowerment. Most often there is no difference between treaties and international protocols agreed the implementation and the real cause of these treaties and protocols for the training of young women. We have seen that most of the time the laws and policies are formulated without check the reality on the ground. We have to understand that unless we have a solid framework for action at the grass root level, not the laws and policies and other measures can bring hope for girls. The state must involve the people to enforce its laws and policies. You must start grass roots campaigns with other structures and organs of society to take the girl empowerment to succeed. Let me clarify a bit more about the ground situation terrible. In the past 10 years, 189 countries have adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action with strong recommendations to improve the situation of the girl. The Millennium Development Goals have refocused world attention on the child and the need for gender equality for poverty alleviation. But today, while the international community has seen great progress, governments are still struggling to meet their commitments. In order to protect the rights of girls and give hope to children, governments must respect the Convention on the Rights of the Child, gender inequality must be addressed, and all people should be sensitized to the rights of children and of women. Furthermore, the Government must work with social organizations and are committed to properly record social statistics by separating the records of women and girls, men and children, and develop indicators and monitoring systems to track the status of the girl.

Hope for Girls: A framework for action at national and international level against gender inequality

A framework for action in national and international level against gender inequality should start by Member States of the United Nations to defend international treaties and law enforcement, especially for the prevention of gender violence . In this sense, it is particularly important for all Member States to implement the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and its Optional Protocol and the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its two Optional Protocols, with funding and accountability mechanisms. Member States must also ensure that all citizens understand the provisions of those conventions. Furthermore, the eradication of gender inequality and the empowerment of women and girls is only possible through a framework consisting of the basic structures of society that includes family and community. The approach should be bottom up and down, not up. The needs and problems should be identified locally and then through the local organs of state and the international community should contribute to the resources in accordance with the general framework of agreed policies. Just getting to the needy directly can help solve the problem and bring some optimism for the future of the child. Action should be training people on the ground floor through various methods including training and education. Pull bread crumbs here and there, are useless.

Hope for the child: Children's Rights Defender

The role of government, social organizations and other progressive structures of society becomes very important in defending children's rights through education and training, either through the strict application of laws and policies at the ground. The girl must have the basic right to live a life of equality and dignity of all possible ways. In this sense, the right to food, health and education in a caring environment, safety and security is one of the fundamental rights that should be available to all children including girls. In addition to defending the rights of the child and bring hope for the girl, massive campaigns should be initiated gender sensitization at all levels of society, especially at the base. The need is to eradicate backward traditions customs and beliefs of society and inject a new mentality, which is progressive, and is based on the principles of gender equality.

Hope for the girls' track the status of child development

Only the planning and implementation of laws and policies is not going to bring the required results in terms of real hope for the girl. We also need to track the status of girls' empowerment programs at various levels to understand the differences between current plans and results of the ground level have been achieved. In this sense the government should cooperate with social organizations and other structures of society to carry out specific data that can show the results of the young women in training programs in a transparent manner. If you do not start these steps, then all the precious resources that these programs will know where and this will create a breeding ground for corruption and other malpractices. More importantly track the status of girls and child training programs will give you a real idea of ​​the impact of policies and programs carried out by the government towards creating a society that is fair and gender neutral. In addition to the required action by governments also includes documentation of the statistics of women and abuse as a child and make the information known popularly.

Hope for the child: The work is multidimensional

The young people work towards empowerment of women is multidimensional in nature. It's about working on the ground in the basic unit of society is the family. Since then the family moves up to cover the town, region, society, nation and the international community. Unless all these levels are integrated, it would not be able to achieve real and true. The empowerment of girls work involves spreading the doctrine of gender equality through education and training of the family and society. It also includes activities to eradicate regressive customs, traditions and beliefs in society that acts as a breeding ground for gender discrimination and prejudice. The work also involves in making action plans in terms of providing facilities and opportunities for nutrition, health, education and employment for women and girls. Working towards gender equality will not be complete unless you take action to stop all forms of abuse and violence against women and girls. This has to be very treaty in the framework of strict laws and regulations and their enforcement. More of the formulation of new legislation is necessary to enforce the existing laws so that crimes against humanity as the girls feticide, infanticide, sexual abuse, rape and violence can be eradicated from society. This has a dual focus. The basic and fundamental approach would be to prevent crime by raising awareness of gender. This can be achieved through education and training. Meanwhile, the second approach should focus on dealing harshly with the perpetrator of a crime. As I said before, the work towards gender equality and hope for the girl is multidimensional and requires the active participation of society at all levels of success.